Privacy Policy

We value and respect the privacy of our users. This application do not knowingly or intentionally collect any personal information about its users, unless it is provided voluntarily, such as in rating the application in the store or writing comments or feedback to us. If you email us, your personal information such as your email address, will be used only for the purpose of responding to your email, and it will not be shared with any non-affiliated party. Such information may be used for the purpose of racking the types of suggestions and comments we receive from you to enhance the future editions of the application.

We do not collect or save any user's personal details. We may only notice information like the total number of downloads and purchases to be able to better serve our users.

This application contains links to other sites, including the official website, and may refer to academic journals websites (in the references section). This privacy statement does not apply to those linked sites that may contain cookies. Each site should be checked for its own privacy statement.